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Luxury Homes

Elegant interior of a Luxury Home

Luxury homes appeal to those who have a taste for timeless elegance and high-quality finishes. If you’re thinking of trading up to a larger, more luxurious home, here’s what you need to know about the high end of the market.

Features and Amenities

New features are constantly being introduced to high end of the market. Here are some amenities that top-tier buyers expect to find in a luxury home:

  • Smart home technology. Voice-activated, internet-enabled devices allow homeowners to turn on appliances and adjust lighting and room temperature with little to no effort. Smart home technology also allows you to monitor certain parts of the house and ensure the safety of your family members.
  • Professional-grade kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home. A gourmet kitchen lets you prepare elaborate meals and entertain friends and family in style.
  • Swimming pool. Enjoy swimming in your own time. Owning a pool will help you relax and get some exercise. A well-placed and properly designed pool looks great on any property, tying various indoor and outdoor design elements together.
  • Personal gym. Health and fitness are major concerns for top-tier buyers, and a home gym makes it convenient for owners to work out regularly. Personal gyms can come fully equipped with free weights and state-of-the-art machinery.
  • Recreation room. A recreation room can be furnished with anything from large TV screens and gaming consoles to pool tables and sound systems. This is where you come to relax and have fun with guests.
  • Wine cellar. Store your bottles and put them on full display in the wine cellar. Modern wine cellars are temperature-controlled spaces that can help preserve your prized bottles.
  • Showroom garage. Car collectors will appreciate spacious garages that double as showrooms for their cherished automobiles.
  • Ball courts. It’s common for luxury homes to feature tennis courts and basketball courts, allowing you to play sports in your own time.

Investing in a Luxury Home in South Charlotte

Luxury homes for sale in Charlotte, NC are a great investment – secondary markets like NC have become more attractive to buyers who want to make real estate moves in promising areas. Job growth, population growth, and overall desirability have made NC one of the leading secondary markets in the United States.

Your choices are as varied as the neighborhoods that make up the Queen City. Charlotte is home to numerous luxury communities, as well as top-notch architects and builders who offer nothing but the best quality.

When investing in luxury real estate, you’re not just buying a home – you’re buying a lifestyle. This means gaining access to upscale amenities that make your day-to-day life richer and more enjoyable. You’ll enjoy peace and privacy, with the vast majority of luxury homes being situated in oversized lots, and with state-of-the-art security systems.

It’s also a great addition to your real estate portfolio – luxury homes are a solid, stable investment.

If you’re ready to make a move, call me, Julie Anselmo, at 704-576-8050, or send an email to Julie(dotted)Anselmo(at)EXPRealty(dotted)com .

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